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I Choose Joy!

Posted on: December 1st, 2016 by Sandi A No Comments

But the fruit of the spirit is unconditional … joy … – Galatians 5:28 (the Voice)

Joy is very different from happiness. In simple terms, happiness is fleeting and temporary. One hour you can be happy about something great that’s happened, and then the next hour something goes wrong and all of a sudden moods change. That was me yesterday – I was so happy all day at a friend’s wedding. And as soon as it was all over, my environment changed and I allowed myself to be preoccupied with different {somewhat challenging} situations. And voila, happy Sandra was no more there.

See joy is different. Joy is the deep inner-knowing that no matter what is going around you, God is still in control. It is the deep-seated assurance and the quiet confidence that everything is going to be alright because God has not abandoned you. It is the determined choice to praise God in every situation.

Looking back over the past few hours, I had a choice to allow my mind to be preoccupied with the circumstances around me, or I could choose joy. I could have chosen to be grateful which would definitely have helped to put things into perspective.

But now I know. 

In any and every situation we encounter in life we always have a choice. We can either choose joy, or as I would sometimes say, we can also choose to be a moody cow.

I don’t say this without any empathy for the circumstances surrounding you. But I do say that God has given us the free will to choose. As Christians, we are called to be believers and not feelers. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we have to stand up and opt to believe the truth. We have to believe that God is in control of the grand and miniscule details of our lives. We have to choose to believe that He has not abandoned us. We have to choose to praise Him.

So friend, I encourage you to choose joy this week. You can do it!

And if you think you can’t, just listen to this song ‘I choose to be dancing by Donnie McClurkin (this man can saaaaang)!

Keep smiling =)

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